B. The Second Letter, 2015, still images


B. The Second Letter, 2015, installation view. Facts, Stories, and Anecdotes, Kunsthall Stavanger, Stavanger, 2017


B. The Second Letter

2015, 16mm film transferred to HD video, 22min 43 s, stereo audio

Director/Producer: Mai Hofstad Gunnes
Cast: Rahel Savoldelli, Tormod Carlsen, Heidi Dalene, Rannei Grenne, Sigrid Marie Kittelsaa Vesaas, Eivind Seljeseth
Director of Photography: Marte Vold
First Camera Assistant: Egil Håskjold Larsen
First Assistant Director: Steinar Haga Kristensen
Sound: Fanny Wadman
Editor: Cristóvão dos Reis and Mai Hofstad Gunnes
Sound design: Jochen Jezussek
Grading: Christian Berg-Nielsen

Thanks to Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfonds Prosjektstøtte, 
Fond for Lyd og Bilde, Kulturrådet, og Unge Kunstneres Samfund


B. The Second Letter

2015, 16mm film transferred to HD video, 23 min, Stereo audio


A woman is confronted with an unknown decision that leads to a change in the way she associates. She goes from an interest in the letter B as a sign for a specific person, to an obsession in building an image archive of women that all have in common their last name starts with the letter B. The film embodies the main character's association process and stages the creation of an image archive which could also exist as a parallel to an artistic practice. The film follows her association process from the subjective to the collective. A group of dancers acts as the woman's stream of association.