Baby Snakes Hatching. Ruins. Ruins.

2012, 16mm film, 16mins 46s, stereo audio


The project Baby Snakes Hatching. Ruins. Ruins. includes a 16mm film, a series of collages, unique silkscreen prints and an artist book. The project draws on references from psychoanalysis, zoology, Hopi animal mythology and architecture. Images of ruins are juxtaposed and connected with hatching snake eggs. 


In Aby Warburg’s A Lecture on Serpent Ritual (1923) he writes about magic assimilation with nature in the Hopi Indians snake rituals where live snakes are thrown onto sand drawings to provoke lightning, thunder and rain. In the Hopi tribe, snakes are compared iconographically with lighting. In the film Baby Snakes Hatching. Ruins. Ruins. a ritual performed by three characters enables an apartment to hatch and fall into ruins. The scenes in the apartment is crosscut with tracking shots from the old snake hall at the Naturkunde Museum, Berlin. The east wing of the museum was severely damaged during the Allied bombing of Berlin and was only recently rebuilt to accommodate the reptile collection. 


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Baby Snakes Hatching. Ruins. Ruins.  
2012, 16mm film, 16min 46s, stereo audio


Direction and Production: Mai Hofstad Gunnes
Cast: Rahel Savoldelli, Fabian Stumm, Helga Wretman
Director of Photography: Anne Misselwitz
Light design: Henning Gebhardt
First Assistant Director: Steinar Haga Kristensen
First Camera Assistant: Rasmus Sievers
Make-up and Hair: Fay Hatzius
Editor: Cristovao dos Reis and Mai Hofstad Gunnes
Composer Sound: Ingar Zach