Director: Mai Hofstad Gunnes

Cast: Sigrid Hirsch Kopperdal, Lena Meland
Make-up/ Hair: Helene Bugjerde
Thanks to Marie Nerland, Galleri Volt



2015, 2 channel video installation, 5min 39s and 6min 17s loop, no audio


Father is a two-channel video installation recorded at Nygårdsparken in Bergen with the dancers Sigrid Hirsch Kopperdal and Lena Meland. The two dancers move in opposite directions around a circular space in the park while filming each other with a 16mm camera and an HD camcorder respectively. The recordings from the two cameras are like two hands of a clock moving clockwise and anticlockwise, repeating the circle again and again. The two gazes that we meet in the film are two consciousnesses or two memories trying to meet; they circulate in the same orbit, moving in opposite directions around the same centre. The meetings are almost identical yet always a little different.