Wave, Whip, Fan, 2017, still images from HD video


Wave, Whip, Fan, 2017, installation view, dokumentasjon Hamskifte, Oppland Kunstsenter, Lillehammer, 2017. Photo: Øystein Thorvaldsen


Wave, Whip, Fan

2017, HD video, 11min 22s, stereo audio


The film Wave, Whip, Fan takes as a point of departure a small pond called Gulltjønn located in Gudbrandsdalen, Norway. The pond was moved a couple of hundred meters due to the construction of a new highway. The title of the film refers to tail movements performed by the male smooth newt, Triturus Vulgaris, during courtship. The description of the biotope is based on recorded material from the actual place, and conversations with among others: a biologist, an archeologist, and a zoologist who where involved in the process of moving the pond.



Wave, Whip, Fan
2017, HD video, 11min 22s, stereo audio

Director / Producer: Mai Hofstad Gunnes
Voice: Veslemøy Mørkrid
Director of Photography: Cecilie Semec
First Camera Assistant: Mattias Pollak
Sound on Location: Therese Næss Diesen
Editor: Vårin Andersen
Supervising Sound Editor: Rune Baggerud
Colorist: Christian Berg-Nielsen, Sement & Betong